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hooded plovers on sellicks beach | card

hooded plovers on sellicks beach | card

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hooded plovers on sellicks beach - card

to celebrate the hooded plover season i have made a limited edition card from my hooded plover on sellicks beach painting created last year. 

$2.50 per card sold will be donated to Bird Life Australia and the hoodie helpers.

the hooded plover ~ thinornis rubricollis

a small shorebird with a distinctive red beak, red-ringed eye and striking black hood and throat. listed as vulnerable nationally, there are less than 800 of these birds in south australia and only 7000 in australia. recent surveys conducted on the fleurieu found only 29 breeding pairs. coastal development and human activity are the major threats to hooded plovers. nesting at the base of the sand dunes during spring and summer on adelaide’s beaches, they will abandon eggs and chicks if persistently disturbed by vehicles, dogs, humans and foxes. on the fleurieu volunteers known as ‘hoodie helpers’ are working to monitor, protect and raise awareness in the community about hooded plovers

printed in south australia on 300gsm sovereign paper with recycled natural envelopes.

card size is 15.5cm x 11cm and blank inside for your message.

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