dana kinter x gorman 2019

dana kinter x gorman 2019

Following the successful 2017 winter collection with Australian fashion label Gorman, in 2019 Dana was invited to return and be part of the 10 year collaboration celebration apparel collection including an exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art. ‘In celebration of Gorman’s decade-long collaboration with visual artists, Heide is presenting a two-week pop-up exhibition in the iconic modernist building, Heide II. The exhibition will feature garments from a new range by Gorman created in conjunction with ten artists who have worked with the Australian clothing label since 2009: Rachel Castle, Megan Grant, Claire Johnson, Dana Kinter, Studio Elke, Rhys Lee, Ellie Malin, Mirka Mora, Liz Payne and Miranda Skoczek. The garments will be displayed alongside the artworks which inspired them.’ 

GORMAN 2019 - This year marks gorman’s 20th year in fashion. Since 1999, Lisa Gorman has grown her business from a one-woman operation into one of Australia’s most iconic womenswear fashion brands; synonymous with colourful bold prints, playful silhouettes and a strong and consistent history of collaborating. The past ten years have seen gorman produce collections in collaboration with over eighty local and international contemporary artists, designers and creators.

To celebrate, gorman’s W19 collection is a tribute to their journey thus far. Over two months, gorman will release ten brand new capsule collections alongside ten previous collaborating artists in an all-encompassing collection titled ‘Ten Years of Collaborating’.

The launch of the collection opened VAMFF’s 2019 season with a solo runway at Heide Museum of Modern Art gallery on Sunday 3rd March. Over 500 guests previewed the ‘Ten Years of Collaborating’ collection in the show.

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