dana kinter x gorman 2017

dana kinter x gorman 2017

2017 Dana collaborated with iconic Australian fashion label Gorman for their winter collection.
’This Winter, Lisa Gorman is excited to announce a collaboration with Dana Kinter, delivering an inspired collection of apparel, accessories and home wares. Each featured print is based on an original artwork by Dana, in a range that encapsulated her strong environmental focus and palette inspired bu the highs and the lows of the Australian landscape inviting the wearer to embrace the ease, energy and beauty of the Australian landscape.’ 

Dana Kinter is an artist living and making in the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. Taking inspiration from an ‘Encyclopedia of Australian Birds’ that was handed down from her Grandmother. Dana’s signature style is a nod to the natural environment in which she lives, a celebration of the natural movement and energy of the Australian flora and fauna.

Dana works by using pencil and acrylic on timber in her paintings, working within a series of woodblocks to form each individual piece. A recent expansion into ceramics carving and painting have introduced additional elements to her work with a new focus on the colour, line and form of her natural subjects.

Grasping colours from the natural foliage surrounding her home, Dana takes from a subdued tonal palette to recreate her own personal take on the synchronously fragile and unyielding Australian landscape. An additional fascination with early 20th century Australian art, religious iconography, Japanese culture, and the Art Nouveau period also pervade her workings.


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