stars already know your name - the gift

stars already know your name - the gift

good morning 🌞

last week my artist friend maria was visiting my studio to check out my exhibition work and i was telling her about this one in particular as i am really happy with him x she said i must tell people about the process otherwise it will just be another painting on a wall. i have spend the last twelve months making work for this project and i guess she is right, so here goes. there will be a few short emails over the next week before my exhibition please read on if you're interested xx 

the stars already know your name

1. the gift
pencil and acrylic on canvas 77x100cm

the first of my artworks for this exhibition and i loved making this beauty. inspired and excited to make, i wanted try something i had been thinking about forever. trying to find a way i can make and be portable for future adventures, my go to and favorite timber boards are big and heavy while canvas is light, i can work on a table or tape to the wall, easily rolled up for transport. so working with drawings/photos from my india trip on my ipad i then gridded up onto a sheet of canvas pinned to my studio wall. i used a mural method i had seen by artist rone and it worker really well i even used it to paint a mural in my then lounge room. i wanted to still used my pencil and acrylic technique and it came up super well. you cant see so much in these photos but the texture of the canvas is delicous, it has a great warmth and depth. you'll find the taj mahal, camels from the desert, the wonderful kites i saw flighting above roof tops in jaipur, patterns from handwoven rugs from agra, motive from mosques, marigold necklace for good wishes and a sweet black butterfly (thats me) riding the beautiful brown eyed tigers tail.  

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